Mom's Lasagna

This is a simple extension of making spaghetti gravy described here.


Pre-boil the shells so they are soft (the Picone family has traditionally not used no-boil shells for this). Put down a layer of lasagna shells.

Fry up some ground beef and mix with ricotta, Romano cheese, parsley, a couple of eggs and red pepper. Spread it evenly over the shells. Spread spaghetti gravy over the beef completing the layer.

It is recommended you use a deep pan and make the lasagna two layers thick. Add another layer of shells, filling and top it off with a layer of shells. Spread a thin layer of gravy on top of the top layer of shells.

Cook at 325 degrees for 20 minutes. Don't cook it too long because the top layer of noodles will get too crunchy. Serve with Romano cheese on the side (everything tastes better with imported Romano cheese on it).

Mom's lasagna never disappoints.