The Picone Press
The Picone Press
Within this site you will find a wide variety of open source publications. This is an evolution of our 25-year commitment to the open source movement, more recently known as The Institute for Signal and Information Processing.

The following resources are currently available:
  • Engineering: archives of the Institute for Signal and Information Processing, a site dedicated to engineering research and education in signal processing and specifically human language technology.

  • Literature: a variety of poems, short stories and books are available from this site.

  • Family: personal web sites for members of the Picone family.
The Picone Press Carport Progress (January 2009)

Life on the farm continues to provide its daily challenges. Watch my progress on a construction project to build a shed and carport:

The Picone Carport

The dogs are convinced this is a new, split-level dog house, and can't wait to move in. I am happy that this will finish the little experiment we have called "country living."
We hope you will continue returning to this site often since several exciting new resources will become available in the coming year. An engineering textbook on statistical optimization in speech recognition is currently under development with an expected initial release in 2009. A textbook on signals and systems is also in the planning stages. We also expect an exciting new e-commerce venture to materialize. 2009 should be a very busy and exciting year for us.

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